When you’re trying to work through an unintended pregnancy, and communication with your significant other is other than helpful…

When you just want to talk and it escalates into an argument…

When you’re not feeling heard, but he/she keeps telling you that they love you…

Maybe it’s time for a Relationship Coach.


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone to help you “play by the rules” in your relationship?  Or even to teach you “the rules” in the first place?  Someone who is not just on her side or on his side but on the side of the couple as a whole.  What if an impartial coach was available to give you basic training and know when to blow the whistle and call foul?  That sort of help IS available with the Couples Communication Class based on the Christian PREP model.  In the 6-session class, you’ll learn techniques for getting through tough discussions with understanding instead of breaking down in anger or frustration.  You and your partner will agree together on ground rules for communicating and take those rules home with you.  You’ll look more deeply at the underlying causes of the arguments that most upset you.  The thread that runs throughout the class is a clear picture of the goals of marriage:  oneness, openness and permanence.

Each couple is unique, yet each finds value in the class:


Trey and Shawna smiled when they realized that they were more alike than different and appreciated being coached through specific scenarios that were giving them trouble.  They really latched onto the positive approach of the class and found ways to build each other up in between classes.

Nate and Serena found that they agreed on so much, especially the commitment at the foundation of marriage, which helped them to work together as a team.  The class gave them a chance to talk about deeper issues in a quiet and calm time away from the children.  🙂 

Jon and LaTonya often had differing points of view and confirmed they had three out of four of the negative communications patterns listed below.*  The class was an opportunity to hear about God’s plan for marital oneness and to identify ways they each needed to sacrifice for the other.  They each acknowledged how they needed the other’s strengths and wanted to celebrate those traits as positive and necessary for great teamwork.  They finished the class with greater maturity, joy and thankfulness. 

*Negative Communication Patterns

Escalation – responding back and forth negatively with each other.  The argument sometimes gets louder or more serious in nature.

Withdrawal – unwillingness to get into, or stay with, important discussions.

Invalidation – putting down the thoughts, opinions or character of the other.

Negative Interpretation – making a negative and unfair assumption about what someone is thinking, saying or doing.


If you and your partner are experiencing one of the above negative communication patterns, why not give us a call and set up a phone consultation to start with?  If you decide to sign up, this coaching does require a time commitment from the two of you, and $10 for a workbook to share, but the help is free.

Call 248-471-5858 and ask to make an appointment for the Couples Communication Class.  Remote classes are available.